Moroccan Arabian restaurants in Granada

Moroccan Arabian restaurants in Granada

Looking for Arabic cuisine in Granada?

In this article we present the best Moroccan Arab restaurants in Granada to taste the gastronomic offer present in the city of the Alhambra.

Arrayanes Restaurant

The restaurant is in a fundamental position for the visitor, because it is very close to Gran Vía, at the foot of the famous Arab quarter of Albayzín. At the same time, it is located five minutes from the San Agustín car park, located in the square of the same name where the Municipal Market is located. The roots of their cuisine lie in the city of Casablanca, where Mustafa Bougrine was born. Enriched by the culinary diversity existing in Morocco, as well as by the studies conducted in what was the cuisine of AL-ANDALUS, between the ninth and fifteenth centuries. All this blend of flavors give life to a privileged cuisine, where tradition mixes with today's raw materials. Among the dishes to taste: fish and chicken dishes; the Tajine of chicken, lamb, veal or fish and the traditional and delicious Cous-Cous, made of lamb, chicken or vegetables. Also worth tasting are the famous Harira and Bisara soups and the typical Fés salads and excellent Moroccan desserts. Good quality / price ratio.

Address: Cuesta Marañas, 4, Albayzin, Granada
Telephone: 958 22 84 01


Gastronomic specialties and delights from Morocco to the Middle East. Authentic cuisine that blends the tradition of tapas with the flavors of specialties such as falafel, saluka, medfona, shawarmas or coconut Omka. Tapas in Granada in an international but at the same time familiar atmosphere. The “Tasting plate” is recommended which includes a sampling of the tapas you will find in Café Omka. Don't forget to try some of the specialties like Moroccan batter. In a constant combination of flavors, Cigarrete (cold pastry with cheese), eggplant sauces, courgette creams or Yunnani potatoes stand out.

Address: Calle Jardines, 17, Granada

Tagine Elvira

A small and intimate Moroccan restaurant offering cuisine based on delicious options prepared with the traditional “tagine” dish. A pleasant North African atmosphere and space for ten tables for an intimate dinner with friends. Try the hummus as an appetizer, the Lamb Tajine with raisins and caramelized onion and the eggplant salad, the Chicken Couscous with pasas, honey onion, dried fruit desserts, all accompanied by a refreshing green tea with the mint. Good quality / price ratio.

Address: Calle Elvira, 46, Granada
Telephone: 631478531
Email: entrusted to lafourchette

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