Lesser known places in Granada

The less known places in Granada, we propose these places to visit in Granada, less known but not for this reason with less charm and beauty.

Six lesser known places in Granada, let's discover them together.

Zafra House - Concepción Gate

The Arab house of Zafra is undoubtedly one of the best preserved treasures of the Arab quarter of the Albayzín from which you can admire beautiful views of the Alhambra

Located near the Carrera del Darro, this house is an excellent example of a Spanish-Muslim dwelling from the XNUMXth-XNUMXth century.

Qualified as an interpretation center of the Albayzín, the structure presents some impressive original paintings of the time, information panels and interactive material useful to better understand this World Heritage district.

Churra viewpoint - Calle Almanzora Alta Realejo

The Mirador de la Churra is one of the most unknown corners of Granada and yet it is one of the most fascinating viewpoints in the city. From this viewpoint it is possible to appreciate some of the most evocative views of the Albayzín.

Granada Cemetery - Paseo de la Sabica

The San José cemetery, on the Alhambra hill, is one of the greatest examples of monumental cemeteries in Europe from which to admire the beauty of the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada. The locality has funerary sculptures of great value and remains of the Nasrid palace of the Alixares dating back to the fifteenth century. A must visit.

Carmen by Max Moreau - New Way of Saint Nicholas

It was the residence of the Belgian artist Max Léon Moreau, who lived here for more than thirty years. Following his death in 1992, all his possessions were donated to the Granada City Hall. As a thank you, in 1998 the Carmen de Max Moreau was turned into a House Museum. It consists of three independent buildings connected by courtyards: the painter's house, the studio atelier and the owner's residence. Today the owner's home houses a permanent exhibition hall showing part of the works of art, while the painter's studio has been used as a space that recreates the artist's life.

Rodríguez Acosta Foundation and Gómez Moreno Institute - Callejón Niño del Royo

Next to the Alhambra and Carmen de los Mártires, the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation has its headquarters in a splendid carmen with gardens. It was born from the desire of the Granada painter José María Rodríguez Acosta to found a cultural center upon his death that would serve as an inspiration for other artists in the city. The foundation houses numerous artistic collections, some of which were donated by the family of Manuel Gómez-Moreno.

Concepción Monastery - Portería de la Concepción Street

The Concepción Monastery is one of the oldest and most representative convents in Granada. It is located in the heart of the lower Albayzín, opposite the Alhambra and parallel to the Carrera del Darro. Inside are preserved important documents, important publications of the old Granada printers, beautiful ornaments and rich pieces of goldsmith's art. But undoubtedly the iconographic representations, carved or painted, are the most important and significant, many of which are made by famous artists.

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