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    Crime and security in Grenada

    You want to travel to Granada, but you're worried about safety? Nonsense! At ForGranadaLovers we tell you all about crime and safety in Granada to put your mind at ease. Let's get to it!

    Safety and Dangerous Areas in Granada

    Granada is a relatively quiet and safe city, but like any tourist destination, there are always a few thieves out to take advantage of distractions. The most common crimes, therefore, are the classic ones that tourists fall victim to: pickpocketing and pickpocketing, especially near the busiest monuments and on public transport. Here are some tips to avoid ruining your holiday in Granada.

    The areas of Granada to avoid and those in which to be most cautious

    Pickpockets attack especially in public places, when jackets, wallets, phones and cameras are left unattended. Close your bags tightly, especially around the Alhambra, especially when queuing for tickets or in crowds and in the Albaycin district, especially at night. In restaurants, especially fast food restaurants, do not leave bags unattended on chairs and tables. Beware of bird tactics: someone comes up to you and tells you that you have bird droppings on your shoulders. He offers to help you clean up and leaves with your wallet. Beware of gypsies who want to sell you red roses.

    Car safety in Granada

    Don't leave anything visible in the car. If you get a flat and someone offers to help you, tell them to go away. Be careful in lay-bys on roads leading into the city and along provincial roads, especially at night. There have rarely been any real attacks by "car pirates" who take your car.

    Things not to do in Grenada and almost everywhere else

    • Avoid showing all the cash you have and divide it into different denominations to keep it separate.
    • When you are in a restaurant or sitting at a coffee table, don't hang your purse on the chair; don't leave your purse unattended in dressing rooms where you try on clothes.
    • Do not place mobile phones or wallets on tables or counters in public places; do not keep them in an outside pocket of your bag or trousers.
    • Make sure you have locked your car doors and windows and don't leave your mobile phone, camera, wallets and handbags in plain view, even if they are empty: someone might be tempted to pick the lock or break a car window.
    • Take a photocopy of your ID card with you, which you will leave at your hotel in Valencia. In case of loss: if you have lost it, contact the consulate, while if it has been stolen, report it to the police.

    Who to contact for help in Granada

    The Spanish National Police answer 091, the Guardia Civil 092 and the Municipal Police 092. For medical emergencies there is 061 while the fire brigade answer 080.

    They will most likely answer in Spanish, so if you don't know Spanish, pass the phone to a Spaniard who can help you call for help.

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