University of Granada

Have you decided to choose the city of Granada as a destination for your studies? Or did you win the Erasmus project at the University of Granada?

In this article, we will help you get started with the University of Granada through a series of useful information. Let's find out.

THEUniversity of Granada (officially in Spanish University of Granada, initials UGR) is a historic university institution in southern Spain, which has approximately 80.000 students.

Around 2.500 European students each year make this university the first destination of the Erasmus project, making it the most popular destination. The University's Center for Modern Languages ​​(CLM) receives more than 10.000 foreign students every year.

Since its foundation in 1531, the University of Granada has been growing. Today it has become a point of reference for the quality of teaching and research and for its university extension activities with particular attention to cooperation and development actions.

The different campuses are scattered throughout the city: Aynadamar, Cartuja, Fuentenueva and Centro. In addition, the University has centers located in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla which, decisively, complement the varied landscape of the University.

The University of Granada is the Spanish university that receives the most students from international mobility programs. We invite you to get to know all the faculties of the University of Granada.

The faculties of the University of Granada:

Faculty of Fine Arts
Science Faculty
Faculty of Sports Sciences
Faculty of Economics and Business
Faculty of Education Sciences
Faculty of Political Science and Sociology
Faculty of Health Sciences
Ceuta Faculty of Health Sciences
Melilla Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Labor Sciences
Faculty of Communication and Documentation
law School
Faculty of Education, Economics and Technology of Ceuta
Melilla Faculty of Education and Humanities
Melilla School of Nursing
Pharmacy faculty
Faculty of Philosophy and Letters
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Psychology
Faculty of Social Work
Faculty of Translation and Interpretation



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