A wedding in Andalusia: M&F weds along the coast of Granada

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Someone thinks that getting married abroad it's crazy, “modern things” as our grandparents would say. To me, who for 9 years have lived in a country that is not mine, where I was able to realize my dream of being able create unforgettable moments, unique and special, it feels so romantic, original and intimate. Deciding to give the fateful "YES" in front of 20 or maximum 40 people, in an exotic place, which does not belong to her, nor to him, or maybe yes, it can be a memory, a journey together, or the place where they met, or where he asked her to marry a year later ... or simply because they are two adventurers, travel lovers, a couple unconventional. It doesn't matter if there is a reason or not, what matters is the dream of the couple. And if happiness is get married at the foot of one of the most beautiful monuments in the world like the Alhambra, or in one of the infinite beaches of Cadiz facing the ocean e barefoot.  Why not?

The wedding in Andalusia of M&F

When M&F they called me because they needed help organizing theirs wedding along the coast of the province of Granada, they trusted me blindly, leaving in my hands the• innovative business organization based on the use of technologies and digitalization of internal and external processes, as well as the active and continued promotion of the services we offer through business development, marketing and communication systems (letter "I" of our logo actually stands for "Innovation"); complete of the big day. They lived far away and their idea was to reunite family and friends in an exotic place that reminded them of "Caves of Sacromonte" of Granada, in a perfect climate typical of the coast.

The organization lasted almost a year, since it was not a marriage between a few close friends as they say. Look for i best collaborators, define the style, the colors and the environment theme, handle accommodation and transportation of the guests, all this while remaining in contact with the couple via telephone, email and endless chats on whastapp especially when the fateful day it approaches and the anxiety that everything will come out perfect arrives. That's how the wedding planner becomes a kind of psychologist, friend, confidant. Calm the minds, reassure the bride who says she has gained a few extra pounds and that the dress does not fit, and resolves any unexpected events of the last hour.

How does marriage abroad work?

After a night where the wind had unleashed his fury (or maybe, in his own way, he too was celebrating the couple's next union), the sun peeked out between the palm trees that surrounded the Swimmingpool where, a few hours later, a large group of relatives and friends welcomed the newlyweds.

Generally, when it comes to couples arriving from abroad and neither of them have nationality or residence in Spain, the best choice is carry out a symbolic ceremony, and to make it special, emotional readings and some symbolic rituals are chosen, such as this couple had chosen the one of the light, in which the couple lit with their own candle, a third, a symbol of union. But there are many others like the rite some sand, which consists in mixing two different colors in a container or the rite of the ribbon or of the hands, etc.

A simple and romantic decoration (like the pair), notes of piano and violin to accompany lunch, and a menu from Mediterranean flavor, were the setting for the couple's most important day.

Getting married in Andalusia, it can be aunique experience, fun and original, where the bride and groom will have a I remember it will last a lifetime.

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