What to see in Alhama de Granada, an Arab joy

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«Ay de mi Alhama!«.

This is how an anonymous author, probably of Arab origin, expressed his disgust when, during the War of Granada (1482-1492), the Catholic Monarchs conquered Alhama of Granada. This town is a wonderful testimony of the Kingdom Nazari in Spain. As everyone knows the Nasrid capital in Andalusia it was the imposing Granada, but Alhama was a city of extreme commercial and military importance of the Arab empire. Currently, Alhama of Granada is located in the Comarca of Alhama in the province of Granada and is an agricultural village of just over 6.000 inhabitants. Within its administrative limits are allocated cultural heritages of inestimable value. The tourism sector, however, has recently taken hold and it is for this reason that the visit is pleasant and far from the mass tourism of Granada or other provincial capitals. Furthermore, the town is located on the slopes of a valley that offers a spectacular view of the Sierra de Tejeda. This spectacular geographical feature makes that Alhama is known as the Ronda of the province of Granada.

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The tajo (the gorge) overlooked by Alhama de Granada.

I will visit Alhama de Granada

The Arab quarter, or the area of ​​the city rich in tourist attractions, is easy to identify due to the characteristic zigzagging urban fabric Muslim. In this part of the city it is possible to appreciate how the Arab culture, particularly in Alhama, it has been subdued by Christian culture. Clear examples are the Castle, built over the ancient Muslim Alcazaba and the Greater Church of the Incarnation built on the ashes of the Alhama Major Mosque.

The Greater Church of the Incarnation of 1505.

There are many Arab testimonies that have been preserved and that it is possible to observe Alhama of Granada. On the comfortable descent, which leads from the urban core to the valley floor, it is possible to appreciate the Arab tunnel and those buildings commonly known as The dungeons. The tunnel it was most likely a secret escape route, as it was originally connected with the Alcazaba (the main castle). The name Dungeonsinstead, it means underground prisons. These buildings had this function during the Christian conquest of the city, but originally the Muslim community used these caves as a silo for storing cereals.

La Mazmorra, a prison carved into the rock.
La Mazmorra di Alhama, originally a Muslim silo.

North of the town are the Devil's Stairs, of the winding stairs that the population of the Islamic kingdom used to go down to the river during their daily chores. A few kilometers from the historic center, however, it is still possible today to appreciate and take advantage of the original ones Arab thermal baths. In this case there is a specific time for the visit and a time for the use of beneficial waters.

Las Escalerillas del Diablo and the Arab thermal baths.

In the urban core of Alhama there are two interesting interpretation centers: the Centro de Interpretación de Alhama de Granda (CIAG) and the Centro de Exposiciones de Artesania (CEA). These two structures are a useful tool to fully understand the culture, history and traditions of this town and its territory.

Sleeping in Alhama de Granada

Despite the beauty of this village in the province of Granada, the tourist offer is not very high. However, here you will find all the solutions available in Alhama. Below, however, all the hotels on offer in the province of Granada and Granada city.

What to see in Alhama de Granada (Granada):

  • The Sierra de Tejeda Natural Park
  • The Castle
  • The Chiesa Mayor of the Incarnation
  • The dungeons
  • The Devil's Stairs
  • The Arab thermal baths

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