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    The best ice cream shops in Granada

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    Do you want to know the best ice cream shops in Granada where you can enjoy excellent ice creams?

    A list of some ice cream shops that we recommend to enjoy an ice cream alone or in company on your visit to the Andalusian city. Let's find out.

    The best ice cream shops in Granada

    Los Italians ice cream parlor

    Los Italianos' is a small artisan ice cream shop located in the heart of Gran Via.
    If you are in Granada this ice cream shop is a must visit. You can't leave without trying the most famous ice creams in the city.

    Address: Calle Gran Via Colon 4, Granada
    Phone: 958 22 40 34
    Facebook: The Italians

    San Nicolas Ice Cream

    Opened in 2013 near the famous Mirador de San Nicolás, this ice cream parlor offers artisanal ice cream and juices of excellent quality. Try it.

    Address: New Way of San Nicolas 28, Granada
    Phone: 605 29 90 75

    Milk Echo

    Ecological and artisanal ice cream. Ice cream without preservatives or dyes. 100% vegan ice cream option. A great opportunity to enjoy healthy ice cream.

    Address: Calle Santa Escolastica 1, Granada
    Telephone: 691 67 24 26
    Facebook: Eco-Delight

    Heladeria Tiggiani

    In the central Plaza Bibrambla there is this ice cream parlor that makes ice creams with top quality raw materials, as well as smoothies, tea, coffee, slushes and much more.

    Address: Plaza Bib-Rambla 11, Granada
    Phone: 958 25 28 11

    La Rosa Ice Cream Parlors

    For over 50 years they have been producing, distributing and selling homemade ice cream in the city of Granada. They have 4 stores throughout the city. Here you will find all the main information.

    Address: Carrera Genil 5, Granada
    Phone: 958 225 840

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