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    The best cafes in Granada

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    Do you want to know the best coffee shops in Granada where you can enjoy excellent coffees?

    A list of some cafes that we recommend to have a good breakfast or to enjoy a good coffee or tea.

    The best cafes in Granada

    Cafe 4 Cats

    Caffè 4 Gatos offers excellent coffee (illy coffee) and preferably home-made food, healthy and local - but also international - food at an affordable price. This venue is popular with Albayzin residents, university students, and international visitors for its unique espresso, breakfast, homemade pastry, sandwiches and wines.

    It takes its name from the fact that "only four cats enter" in this small bar. With his usual jazz music, he also pays homage to the “jazz cats” and other musicians and artists who were inspired by this neighborhood, the Albayzin.

    More than a café-bar, Cafe 4 Gatos is a space for locals and visitors passing by the neighborhood, for social gatherings, free laughs, open debates and, always, joy.

    Address: Placeta Cruz Verde 6, Granada
    Telephone: 958 224 857

    La Finca Coffee

    La Finca Coffee is a small place at the foot of the Cathedral of Granada, specializing in coffee, you can choose from many varieties of coffee to drink in the place or you can buy the coffee you like best and have it ground on the spot. Also here you can taste homemade desserts and excellent teas.

    Address: Calle Colegio Catalino 3, Granada
    Telephone: 658 852 573

    Dulcimena Coffee & Go

    Dulcimena is a new project born in the Realejo district of Granada, around the world of coffee, which combines self-employment, responsible trade, quality, innovation, culture and music. A meeting place whose spirit is that of a bar where the coffee is to go, built with passion and exquisite taste, with products of the highest quality: high selection, ecological and local. Coffee, tea, fruit juices, pastries, vinyls… this is Dulcimena.

    Address: C / Molinos 19, Granada
    Telephone: 699 63 43 48
    Facebook: DulcimenaCoffeeGo

    D'etí Coffee And Cake

    What will you find in D'etí Coffee and Cake? Homemade cakes, coffee and infusions, fruit juices, homemade smoothies, free wifi, board games, book exchange. All this and much more in a welcoming and original atmosphere!

    Address: C / Postigo de Zárate 11, Granada
    Telephone: 858 107 229

    Bohemia Jazz Cafe

    When you enter this place you cannot stop looking at every detail: photos, a hat, a refrigerator, an old TV, the coffee beans in a bowl. At the entrance there is a barber's chair, lots of photos and in the corner there is a piano, with a warm light that illuminates the whole room. Then we sit down and enjoy an excellent coffee, a cocktail, a smoothie, an ice cream, listening to great music.

    Address: Plaza de los Lobos 11, Granada


    Mimimi is an organic, vegetarian / vegan café in Granada. You can choose from coffee, tea, cakes, smoothies and much more.

    Address: Professor Sainz Cantero 7 Passage, local 1, Granada
    Telephone: 615 03 35 41
    Facebook: mimimigranada

    Cafe Baraka

    A coffee shop where quality, good service, a unique space and a good atmosphere are not in contrast with a good price.

    Address: Calle San Jeronimo 24, Granada
    Telephone: 958 27 60 09

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