Parking in Granada

Parking in Granada. Are you looking for a car park in Granada where you can park your car for a few days?

In the city of Granada it is not always easy to find parking in the center. Access to main roads such as Gran Vía, Recogidas, Plaza Nueva, Reyes Católicos, Calle Elvira, San Matías and the Albaycín and Sacromonte districts are limited to private traffic.

In some areas, such as Plaza Nueva and Realejo, access is restricted by mobile pillars and surveillance cameras and only accessible to residents, taxis and public transport.

It is best to leave your car in a public parking lot for just over 1 euro per hour or park your car in areas further away from the center and use a bus to get to the city.

Here is some information on the main car parks in Granada. Let's find out.

Parking The Alhambra

The 24-hour guarded Alhambra car park is located within the gardens of the Alhambra, has four areas, for a total of 24 spaces. It has spaces for caravans and is the only one in Granada that allows tourist buses to park. There are almost always places available.

Car tariff: 1 hour - 2,70 euros, 1 extra hour 1,78 euros, 1 day 18,45 euros.
Bus fare: 1 hour - 4,30 euros, 1 additional hour 2,75 euros in low season.

Address: Parcheggio La Alhambra, Camino Viejo Del Cementerio s / n, 18009 Granada.
Telephone: 958 226 474
Attractions nearby: l'Alhambra and il Generalife, Carmen de los Mártires.
Accesso: from Ronda Sur attraverso Avenida de Santa Maria de la Alhambra.

APK2 Arabial Parking

Parking in Granada, ideal for parking in the Neptuno shopping center. The APK2 Arabial car park is located on via Arabial, which can be reached from Plaza Gerardo Cuerva. This secure car park in Granada is located a few minutes' walk from García Lorca Park, near the shopping center as well as the San Emilio parish, on the other side of the Camino de Ronda. Also, near the Genil River, you will find the Inmaculada hospital.

Paseo del Violón car park

Parking in the center of Granada with space for 784 vehicles, possibly the cheapest in Granada:

Car tariff: 1 hour - 1,25 euros, 1 full day - 18 euros, monthly payment 140 euros. The rate is applied per minute of the stay.
Schedule: open 24 hours a day
Address: Paseo del Violón s / n, 18006 Granada (near the Rio Genil)
Telephone: 958 101 501
Attractions nearby: Congress Palace, Paseo del Salón, El Corte Ingles, Puerta Real, Hotel San Antón
Accesso: has due ingressi: Calle San Antón and Paseo del Violón.
Payment: Mastercard, Visa contanti.

Parcheggio AUSSA Marist Brothers

Car park in the center of Granada, located next to Plaza de los Lobos and Plaza de la Trinidad. A 2-minute walk from the AUSSA Hermanos Maristas car park is the Botanical Garden of the University of Granada, where you can enjoy a relaxing day surrounded by nature.

The AUSSA Hermanos Maristas car park offers you the opportunity to park near the Royal Chapel of Granada or near Plaza Isabel La Catolica, both located less than 10 minutes' walk from the car park.

Indirizzo: Calle Carril del Picón, 5

PP parking. Escolapios

Parking in the center of Granada, open 24 hours a day and ideal if you want to leave the car to move freely around the city.

The APK2 Escolapios car park is located a few steps from the Genil river, crossing which you will find yourself in the characteristic Plaza del Humilladero garden, with the Fuente de las Granadas, where you can relax while strolling along the Paseo del Salòn.

Leaving the car at the APK2 Escolapios car park, you will also be no more than 15 minutes on foot from various panoramic points of the city, such as the Placeta Puerta del Sol, from which you can admire the Alhambra, as well as near Piazza Isabella la Cattolica and to the Cathedral of Granada.

The APK2 Escolapios car park offers constant surveillance for the safety of its customers, so you can park in Granada with complete peace of mind!

Places are not always available.

Car tariff: 1 hour - 2,07 euros, 24 hours - 20,00 euros. Price: 0.0345 per minute.
Schedule: open 24 hours
Address: Sos Del Rey Católico 11, 18006 Granada.
Telephone: 958 125 709
Attractions nearby: El Corte Inglés, Paseo del Salón, Puerta Real, Plaza Bib Rambla, Plaza Isabel la Católica
Accesso: dalla strada del Poeta Manuel de Gongora, Acera del Darro or Paseo del Violón.
Sorveglianza: monitored with CCTV.

Parking Socrates

Car park in the Albaicín neighborhood, near the Nazarí de Dar al-Horra palace and García Lorca Park. An 8-minute walk away is the Monastery of San Jerónimo, the Cathedral of Granada and the Capilla Real de Granada. At the same distance are La Madraza, the Plaza Nueva, the Sefardí Museum of Granada and the Calle Navas, famous for its bars and tapas.

Address: Passage of the Servants 3

La Carrera - Realejo car park

The La Carrera - Realejo car park is located in Calle Nicuesa 9, in the center of the city, so it is important to reach it by following these indications, to avoid fines driving in the restricted traffic area.

You must reach the car park from the south of the city, coming from any of these directions: from Paseo del Violón, Paseo de los Basilios, Paseo de la Bomba or Paseo del Salón. All of them will take you to Calle Estepona, from which you will just have to continue straight on until Calle Nicuesa. In this car park it is necessary to leave the car keys.

PARKIA La Caleta

The car park is located on the Avenida de la Constitución in Granada, in the Plaza de Toros-Doctores-San Lázaro district, near the tourist center of the city and 5 minutes from the train station.

Nearby is the Hospital General Virgen de las Nieves, the San Cecilio University Hospital and the Complejo Administrativo Los Mondragones (Municipality of Granada). 

It has 900 seats on 3 floors and offers season tickets multi-day e settimanali at special prices. Seats are usually available.

Car tariff: 1 hour - 1,75 euros, 24 hours - 18,50 euros. From 10 and a half hours of stay, the maximum rate is applied, ie 24 hours.
Schedule: open 24 hours a day
Address: Plaza de La Caleta s / n, 18012 Granada.
Telephone: 958 278 053
Attractions nearby: Train station, Palace of Justice, Virgen de las Nieves Hospital, Plaza de Toros
Accesso: dalla Avenida de Andalucía or dall'Avenida de la Constitución.

APK2 Triunfo parking

Car park in Granada, in the north of the city, open 24 hours a day and located next to the symbolic Plaza del Triunfo.

The APK2 Triunfo car park is perfect if you need to go to the Virgen de las Nieves University Hospital or the San Cecilio University Hospital, both just a 10-minute walk away.

Also 10 minutes from the Triunfo car park you can also reach the Fuentenueva Campus of the University of Granada.

The APK2 Triunfo car park is also ideal for visiting the Triunfo Gardens, the Basilica of San Juan de Dios, the Monastery of San Geronimo, and three spectacular panoramic areas such as the Mirador San Nicolas, the Mirador di San Cristobal and the Mirador de la Lona and all less than 10 minutes walk from the car park.

Also 10 minutes away you can also arrive at the Granada train station, from which you can reach the most beautiful places in Andalusia.

Car tariff: 1 hour - about 2,40 euros, 24 hours - 22,80 euros. There are many types of subscriptions for months.
Schedule: open 24 hours a day
Address: Triunfo, Avenida Constitución s / n 18014 Granada
Telephone: 958 207 336
Accesso: from the ring road A44, exit Severo Ochoa or La Chana.

Alsina car park

This car park is located in Calle Arabial 56, which, although not the heart of the city, is still a great area to park in to avoid traffic a bit. Also, leaving your car here you will not take more than 15 minutes on foot to reach the historic center.

You will have no problem reaching the Cathedral of Granada, visiting the surroundings with the Fuente de las Batallas, the different churches in the area and even the Alhambra! After all, a few more minutes on foot is nothing to be able to visit this incredible palace!

PARKIA San Lazaro

The San Lázaro car park is located in Granada at Calle Don Emilio Durán Durán 4, very close to the Avenida de la Constitución and the Avenida de Madrid. It is open and supervised 24 hours a day. In the surrounding area you will find the Faculty of Medicine, the Plaza del Triunfo, the San Cecilio University Hospital and the Plaza de Toros.

APK2 Puerta Real Parking

Parking in the center of Granada, the APK2 Puerta Real car park, located on Plaza del Campillo, is just a 7-minute walk from the Cathedral of Granada, the Royal Chapel of Granada, the Sagrario Church and Isabella la Cattolica Square, as well as to be also incredibly close to the Corral del Carbon, Trinidad Square and the Granada Tourist Office, which will advise you on the most beautiful places to visit in the city.

If you want to park safely in the center of Granada, the APK2 Puerta Real car park is one of the best options because, in addition to being open 24 hours a day, it is only 24 minutes walk from the famous Alhambra, symbol of Granada the Palace of Charles V, the Nazaries Palace, the Patio de los Leones and the Generalife Theater. If you want to park near the Alhambra in Granada then the APK20 Puerta Real car park is right for you.

Parcheggio IC Hospital Virgen de las Nieves

Car park in Avenida de las Fuerzas Armadas 2, located in front of the main entrance of the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada and under the surgical block of the same hospital. Open 24 hours a day. It has 24 pedestrian entrances, all with lift, and 5 of which have direct exit to the upper square located in front of the main entrance to the hospital.

APK2 Mondragones

Car park in Granada located on Calle Ribera del Beiro 10, next to the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital. If you have to come to Granada for health reasons and you need to park near the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital, then you are in the right place: the APK2 Mondragones car park is the best option, as it is located only 200 meters from both the Hospital. Maternal Infantile that from the Virgen de las Nieves University Hospital. Likewise, if you need to park near the San Cecilio University Hospital, the APK2 Mondragones car park is only 600 meters away.

Parking Ibis Granada

If you think that parking in Granada during your trip will be an impossible task, it is because you still do not know the car park of the Hotel Ibis in Granada, on Calle Graham Bell 3. True, it is not located in the city center, but precisely for this will be much easier to reach by car, coming from the nearby A-44 motorway.

You won't have to complicate your life by driving around Granada, and you can enjoy the wonders of this Andalusian city on foot. The Ibis Granada car park is open 24 hours a day, is monitored and is located less than 24km from the Nuevo Los Cármenes Stadium, where Granada CF plays its home games. If football is not your thing, and you prefer shopping, then you will be pleased to know that from the parking lot you can walk to the Nevada Shopping Mall in about 2 minutes.

Parcheggio GP Nuevo de los Cármenes

Car park on Avenida Torre de Comares, in front of the New Los Carmenes Stadium and the Municipal Sports Palace. 10 minutes from the Nuñez Blanca Zaidín sports complex. Accessible from the A-395 road.

If you are looking for a parking space near Granada Airport we suggest the official airport parking.

AENA Granada Airport - General P1

Parking at Granada Airport, managed by AENA. This is the official car park of the Granada - Jaén Airport, which offers the best service if what you are looking for is a car park near the Federico García Lorca Airport of Granada, where you can leave your vehicle safely before taking a flight.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip from Granada Airport, the AENA Aeropuerto de Granada - General P1 car park offers you its structure with covered parking spaces, to allow you to park without waiting right in front of the Granada - Jaén Airport terminal. .

AENA Granada Airport website

Parking for campers

Remember that in the city of Granada you can park a camper, but you cannot stay in the same place for several days. You have to change the place where the camper is parked.

There are neighborhoods such as Albayzin, Sacromonte or the center where campers do not enter due to their size, so it is better to park in the neighborhoods a little further away. Many campers park around the bus station area.

Tourist bus parking

As already mentioned, the only car park that has an area for tour buses is the Alhambra car park (see above).

If, on the other hand, it is a question of short stops to let tourists off, we suggest 4 docks.

- Fuentenueva Avenue: this stop is located near the Cathedral, maximum stop: 10 minutes. If you come from the A44 motorway, take exit 128 (Méndez Núñez).

- Mirador de San Cristóbal: located in Albaicín, the maximum stop is 10 minutes.

- Neptuno Street: maximum stop: 30 minutes. Exit 129 (Recogidas) of the A-44 motorway.

- Hall walk: near the Fuente de las Titas. From the A-395 highway, take the Alhambra exit, direction City Center - Cenes de la Vega.

We just have to wish you good parking.

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