Organic shops in Granada

A list of some organic shops in Granada!

When you shop in a small store, you don't help an entrepreneur buy his third apartment on the beach. Help a little girl pay for her dance lessons, a little boy buy his soccer shirt, and help his parents bring food to the table. Buy local!

Organic shops in Granada:

Very careful

Ecological and fair trade food shop in Granada. Here you will find organic fruits and vegetables from the countryside of Granada, as well as everything you need to fill your pantry with good products for you, your family and the planet.

Address: Calle Madre Riquelme, 1 local A2, Granada
Telephone: 958 27 11 99

Ecotienda Peppermint

Eco shop in Granada that sells ecological food, organic fruit and vegetables from Vega and surroundings. Natural cosmetics and naturopathy and ayurveda consultancy service.

Address: Avenida del Sur, 10, Granada
Telephone: 661 84 41 02
Facebook: mentapiperitaeco

Ecotienda El Agua

Organic shop in Granada and now also an online shop of organic products. In Ecotienda El Agua they are based on respect for the environment and food health, which is why they offer customers only high quality ecological products. In the shop you will find food products, macrobiotics, products for children, organic olive oils, vegetable drinks, craft beers, cleaning products that respect the environment and much more.

They have a bicycle home delivery service in the city of Granada and deliver by express courier throughout Spain.

Address: Calle Agua del Albaizín, 19, Granada
Telephone: 858 95 18 66

Ecotienda El Panadero Loco

Ecotienda el Panadero Loco is a shop located in the Albayzín tourist district of Granada, founded 30 years ago by two friends with the intention of spreading and promoting the consumption of ecological products and a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Shop specializing in the health and nutrition sector with a wide variety of organic foods, plant products, ecological cosmetics, aromatherapy, nutritional supplements. They also specialize in a diet geared towards people with food allergies and intolerances, such as celiacs or lactose intolerant.

Address: Calle Calderería Nueva, 14, Granada
Telephone: 958 22 92 79

El Jaral

All the products in the shop come mainly from the countryside of the Vega granadina. Shop that sells organic fruits and vegetables, food supplements, packaged products, seeds, natural cosmetic products, they also organize cooking and nutrition courses, conferences. They also have an electronic shop where you can buy directly from home, they ship all over Spain.

Address: Pedro Antonio de Alarcón Street, 7, Granada
Telephone: 958 51 02 19

The Talega

La Talega slow food is a shop that sells organic, natural, artisanal products, at km 0 and for people with special dietary needs (celiacs, lactose intolerant). Get to know it, you can find a variety of food and gift products at an affordable price.

Address: Calle San Miguel Bajo, 9, Granada
Telephone: 858 95 14 12
Facebook: latalegaslowfood

Ecotienda Umbela

Shop for ecological products (fruit, vegetables, dairy products, bread, eggs, meat), cosmetics and health products. On their Facebook page you can find recipes, news, offers, nutritional advice and in general information on all products to have healthier lifestyle habits.

Address: Calle Varela, ground floor 2, Granada
Telephone: 958 22 91 92
Facebook: ecotienda.umbela

La Tahona - Bread and organic products

Shop specializing in the sale of organic food, local products and typical products at km 0. Variety of fresh products from Granada, working directly with the farmers bring the products from the garden to your table. The suppliers are small companies from different parts of Andalusia. Handmade bread like the ancient recipes with mother yeast and wood oven.

Address: Calle Pianista Rosa Sabater, Granada
Telephone: 697 54 47 84
Facebook: latahonagranada

The Green Line

The “La Línea Verde” shop was created to offer customers 100% ecological products for three fundamental reasons: they are healthier, more nutritious and tastier products. They help protect the environment. A rigorous process has been followed in the growth, processing and packaging that preserves, does not contaminate and care for the biodiversity of the surrounding environment. They offer a wide range of products, all with ecological certification, ranging from food to clothing, to products for hygiene and cleaning of the house.

Address: Avenida Maracena, 112, Granada
Telephone: 958 057 732

The Ecosuper

They sell fresh products and ecological and 0 km fruit and vegetables. Here you have the days of distribution of each product:
Bread and pastry, María Diezma bakery, Benalúa - arrive on Monday afternoons.
Pan Buenas Migas, Nigüelas - arrives on Wednesday morning
Vegetables Huertas Bajas, Loja. (asparagus, thistles, spinach) - arrive on Tuesday morning.
Vegetables La Huerta de la Plata, la Zubía (garlic, onion) - arrive on Monday afternoon.
Vegetables and fruit El Vergel de la Vega, (vegetables and fruit) - distributed on Wednesday afternoons
Vegetables from Matías, Almería - arrive on Friday morning.
Organic chicken and veal - to order

Address: Calle Molinos, 52, Granada
Telephone: 858 98 87 61
Facebook: El-Ecosuper


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