Las Alpujarras: what to see and eat

Las Alpujarras: what to see and eat

The goal of is to propose alternative routes to the classic tourist ones. Today we want to talk to you about Las Alpujarras, an area and a highly recommended destination for lovers of Southern Spain. As you can imagine it is located in Andalusia and, to be precise, it extends beyond 70 km on the southern slope of the Sierra Nevada.

Here the landscape is beautiful and looks like a sort of maze of valleys, well known for their beauty and unspoiled nature. A real paradise for all those who love adventure and nature without human interference.

Las Alpujarras: what to see?

In the area of ​​Las Alpujarras it is possible to see many things, in particular we find small villages, which rise on the terraced hills and which represent and characterize this whole geographical area.

White houses, villages of Arab origin and, again, woods as far as the eye can see: this and much more offers this magnificent area, which is still the preserve of a few. The area of ​​Las Alpujarrastherefore, it is still very quiet and here you can relax, switch off and enjoy a holiday away from the hustle and bustle. The places that deserve a visit are many, but specifically, stop at Lanjaron o a Orgiva it's almost a must.

Orgiva, among other things, it is the largest and most modern inhabited center, but also the smaller villages, such as that of Capileira, Pitres, Bubin, Caratunas they are very beautiful, as well as you cannot miss them natural spring of Portugos, the Trevelez which is the highest country in all of Spain.

Here, buildings of clear Berber origin dominate and it will seem to be in a corner of Arabia but in the heart of Europe.

As mentioned, Orgiva is the largest country, but in what is called the Orgiva gorge, on the slopes of the Barranco de Poqueira, there are three beautiful villages, very characteristic thanks to the presence of several churches Mudejar dating back to the XNUMXth century.

One of these is Bubion, famous for the Casa Alpujarrena folk art museum. The other, however, is Capileira and from here all the walking tours start along what are the paths of the Barranco de Poqueira.

What to eat in the Las Alpujarras area?

The Las Alpujarras area is also famous for its food as the cuisine here has a totally Arabic inspiration and, in any case, has its roots in a rich tradition handed down from mother to daughter for centuries. Among all the goodness that can be tasted, we remember the jamon serrano, meat and trout from local streams.

A very common recipe in the area is the one that sees in the dish some fried eggs, accompanied by fried potatoes, ham, sausage and a piece of black pudding.

How to reach Las Alpujarras?

If you have chosen this area as a destination for your next vacation, then you will definitely want how to get to The Alpujarras. 

To reach the area you have to start from Granada and where it is possible to reach these small villages. Orgiva is only 1 hour away and a 30 minute ride from the city of Granada.

You can take the bus from the station Granada bus, from there vehicles will leave almost every 3 hours to reach the area of ​​Las Alpujarras. So, it doesn't take much to go and discover a piece of Spain that you absolutely must not get lost, also because it offers unique and absolutely unmissable landscapes. For anyone who is in Andalusia it is a real must.

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