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    Ecomercato to Granada

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    Ecomercato in Granada to eat healthy and km 0 buying from small local producers!

    The Agroecological Network of Granada (RAG) is made up of small producers, consumers and organizations from all over the province. One of its main activities are the ecomarkets that are developed in the city of Granada and in the cities of the province. The eco-markets of the RAG are an alternative to the current agri-food system based on large distribution companies, a long chain of intermediaries, producers with unfair prices and food products of low nutritional, environmental and social quality. We increasingly depend on large multinationals to feed us, which control the agri-food system and generate negative social and environmental impacts.

    Their commitment is collective work, very involved and very organized. The ecomarket and the Agroecological Network of Granada were born in 2013. However, there are individual partners who have been working for more than 20 years on another agri-food model. They have built meeting and exchange spaces between the people who produce and those who consume organic food. They support partners in their work to build alternative agri-food systems and interact with public institutions (municipalities, Junta de Andalucía, Diputación de Granada, schools, etc.) and private institutions (foundations, associations, solidarity social economy companies, etc.) to influence their public policies and / or actions in favor of agroecology and food autonomy.

    Participating in the Agroecological Network of Granada:

    • Association ARIECO - Rural Association for the Integration of Ecology.
      More information: arieco
    • Association HORTOAN - La Vega Fruit and Vegetable Association of Andalusia.
      More information: hortoan
    • Las Torcas SCA
      More information:
    • Association El Encinar - Producers and consumers of Granada.
      More information:
    • Cooperative Agroecology Valle and Vega.
      More information:
    • Association of organic producers of Granada.
      More information:
    • Le Huertas de Paula - Sole and Raúl cultivate in the Vega de Granada.
      Maggiori informazioni: the-huertas-de-paula
    • Association ALMUNTASYL - Organization of artisans and craftsmen.
      More info: almuntasyl
    • Association and Group of Gastronomic and Cultural Consumption Like from Graná.
      More information: Facebook
    • Family business The Moralejo
      More information:
    • Dairy Cerro Negro
      More info: granjacerronegro.
    • Cattle breeding and cheese production The Old Buchaca
      More info:
    • Family-owned company of organic essential oils LABIATAE
      More info:
    • Cellar Mendez Moya
      More information:
    • Fair trade shop OXFAM - INTERMON
      More information:
    • Bakery of Maria Diezma
      More information: Horno-Maria-Diezma
    • Society Caroubé
      More information:
    • EcoShop Consumption Cura EcoShop
      More information:
    • Social Library Hermanos Quero
      More information:
    • Family textile company ZACATÚA
      More info:
    • Casería the Virgin which produces and sells oil
      More information:

    Every first Saturday of the month, the Granada eco-market can be found next to the Congress Palace, from 10 to 14:30.

    Facebook: Ecomercadodegranada
    Telephone: +34 958 24 94 53

    Furthermore, in Granada there is a direct sales network of organic food and local artisans through an Internet platform: it is purchased from the producer without intermediaries.

    The Beehive That Says Yes di Granada:

    On 23 June 2015 they inaugurated the first "colmena" in Granada in the La Magdalena district, in Calle Gracia, 40. Since then, every Tuesday from 18.00 pm to 20.00 pm in the La Goma café bar, weekly eco-meetings are held for distribution to consumers. directly from the hands of small producers.

    For more information on the La Colmena Que Dice Sí project:

    Facebook: lacolmenaquedicesiGranada
    Facebook: LaGomaCafeBar
    Phone: 645863936

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