Cultural agenda of Granada

Do you want to know the cultural agenda of Granada?

In this article we introduce you to the main websites that offer up-to-date information on cultural events in the city of Granada. Let's find out.

Yuzin - Cultural Agenda of Seville and Granada

Yuzin is one of the main cultural agendas in Granada that can be found almost everywhere. It is a printed publication that offers detailed information on the events of the month: concerts, exhibitions, readings, book presentations, dance gatherings and much more. Definitely an indispensable agenda month by month to be informed about what is happening in the city of the Alhambra. It can also be downloaded online.

Download Yuzin's updated guide

Granada Leisure - Cultural Agenda of Granada

Granada Ocio is a digital magazine of culture and leisure created to show the most interesting activities in the city of Granada and its province. The cultural agenda was born in 2011 by Celia Molinos Serantes and Ángel Cano Ydáñez. A team of multidisciplinary collaborators participate in the most interesting activities of the city so as not to miss the details on what to do in Granada.


Granada Agenda Kul Guide

The Kul Guide was born at the end of 2014 to disseminate all types of events organized in the province of Granada, contributing to the dissemination of culture as well as providing a valuable tool for the cultural and tourism sector.

On the site, in addition to information on cultural, sporting and leisure activities, the places where they are celebrated and the promoters or protagonists of the events, it is possible to buy the works and creations of artists from Granada.


Granadatur Events

The website of the municipality of Granada. In addition to the numerous and well-detailed tourist information on Granada, in the events section you will find a selection of the best cultural events in the city. A convenient search engine with filters by day and type of event will help you in selecting the best initiatives suitable for you. Find it out.


Ticketea – Granada

Ticketea is a self-managing platform that simplifies the way in which online events are organized and managed. The best leisure and cultural events in Granada. A complete site where you can find information on the best shows in Granada. Everything for the free time of the city in a single page: concerts, theater, exhibitions. Don't miss the Cultural Agenda of Granada! Free time with the children this weekend in Granada and all the news of the month.


Granada Cultural

Granadacultural is a website created to encourage and support culture. The idea is to provide information, help launch initiatives and experiment with ideas. Granada is the starting point. One of the objectives is to reconcile the Internet with the world of culture, creating a product with real content and usefulness. Granadacultural was born on a non-profit basis and was inaugurated on June 5, 2003. The page is constantly developing.



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