Beaches of Granada: sea of ​​the Tropical coast

We have often talked about the best beaches of Malaga or the wonderful Cabo de Gata in Almeria, but we never mentioned those of Granada. Today, in this space, we see the best beaches in Granada and the famous Costa Tropical which has so much to offer tourists. Little is heard of the sea in Granada, but this is because everything in this city is overshadowed by the beautiful Alhambra or from Sierra Nevada.

If you are organizing yours tour in Andalusia it could be interesting to include the beaches of the Costa Tropical since unlike those in Malaga they are less touristy and therefore you can enjoy the authenticity of the place!

Spiagge di Granada: Cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo

Among the most famous places, not very far from Malaga, precisely near Nerja, we find the Cala de Maro or Maro-Cerro Gordo. They are a series of coves that to be reached require a walk downwards of at least 250 meters, already because all these coves are enclosed between high cliffs. However, it should be noted that not all the beaches in this area are easy to reach, some may be difficult to find even using GPS.

Among the most interesting we find the Cala di Torre del Pino, this is located 7km from Nerja and is among the easiest to find, we also point out the Playa de Cala del Cañuelo, only 4km further north (towards Granada).

Below I leave you the interactive map that you can use to get to the points mentioned above:

After this series of coves it is possible to visit Horseshoe, this is the first seaside village you will find yourself in direction of Granada after passing Nerja. In this village you can enjoy a narrow promenade overlooking a small gulf with two large cliffs on either side that make the landscape truly unique, to the east you will find the Marina Beach easy to access and among the most interesting in the area.

Granada: beaches of Solobreña

The province of Granada it is also famous for the white villages Solobreña is one of them. Among the most interesting beaches in the area we find the La Guardia Beach with a truly incredible cliff that divides the beach into two parts. Here in addition to a bathroom in one of the most beautiful places in the Costa Tropical you can have an excellent fish lunch, I recommend it!

Almuñecar beaches

While most of the beaches of Granada are found in small villages, that of Almuñecar it is in a different context: a city rich in history and culture that begins during the Phoenicians. This is probably one of the most interesting places in the area, with incredible beaches that will blow your mind. In Almuñecar it is possible to enjoy beach tourism also taking advantage of the various tourist facilities available (hotels, chiringuitos, and much more). 

Among the most interesting points in the area we find the Paseo S. Cristobál and quello di Puerta del Mar where you can access the beaches of the same name. Among the most evocative places we find the beach located near the cliff, probably ideal for spending a day at the beach of total relaxation.

Motríl beaches

Butterfly it is probably one of the most important cities of the Costa Tropical with a large port which is very important for the city of Granada and here in the area you will find very beautiful beaches that will leave you speechless. Among the most interesting places to visit, as far as the sea is concerned, we certainly find the Granada Beach and Poniente Beach, fun is guaranteed for all ages since entertainment is guaranteed.

In the outskirts of the city we find the Calahonda beach, not far from the city center, many define it corner of paradise, and indeed there are areas that will truly leave you speechless (others, on the other hand, cannot be fully enjoyed since there are fields of crops). The water here is spotless, an incredible turquoise color, the area is worth a visit!

Always on the Costa Tropical, in sea ​​of ​​Granada, we find the Playa de la Rihanna, a place that we can define as "secret" since very few people know it. The beach is 20 km from Butterfly towards Iron Castle. On the map you will also find these last two beaches in Granada.

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