Agrón a historic village in the province of Granada

If you live in Granada or are visiting as a tourist we suggest you visit the town of Agrón a historic village in the province of Granada.

The municipality of Agrón stands on a hill which, despite its modest height, allows you to contemplate a wide panorama of the arid and flat lands of the region.

The surrounding landscapes allow hiking, cycling and horse riding activities. In winter its hills are covered in white, while in summer the temperatures are mild and slightly cool when night arrives.

The urban planning of the urban center has original outlines that have always attracted the attention of geographers.

As can be seen from the following description from the nineteenth century: Agrón “It consists of 123 houses which, although misaligned, form a street that describes an almost complete circle, joining their ends to the door of the church, where the square is located“.

The Dukes of Wellington have a large farm in Agrón called Fatimbullar.

A bit of history

The municipality was founded only after the arrival of the Arabs. In the “Ihata” of Ibn Al-Jatib the city is mentioned with the name of Agrum, a Latin term which means field.

However, the current location does not coincide with the medieval Agrum, which would undoubtedly correspond to what is now known as Agrón el Viejo, the remains of which can still be observed on a small hill about three or four kilometers from the city.

From 1492, with the reconquest of the Kingdom of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs, the municipality of Agrón became part of the Crown. Later, with the arrival of new colonists from other Spanish kingdoms, it reached its maximum development, interspersing periods of prosperity and other periods of crisis.

In the last century, with the mechanization of the countryside, Agrón (an eminently agricultural city) went into decline. In the decade of 1960 the city depopulated from more than a thousand inhabitants to the current number.


Agricultural production supplies its neighbors with quality olive oil, cereals, chickpeas, vegetables, almonds and table olives. Among his traditional recipes he highlights rabbit in almond sauce and homemade salami, as well as serrano ham.

Main monuments

Parish church
Watchtower Tower
Fatimbulla Caves

Country: Agron
Region: Granada
Distance from Granada:

Municipality address: Calle San Jose, 5, 18132 Agrón, Granada, Spain
Phone: +34 958 55 73 01
Municipality website:

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